Collection: Notebooks & Journals

 Journaling can be an effective way to cope with overwhelming emotions. They can also assist in tracking our mental health symptoms in a way that helps us self-advocate for the care we need from our therapist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professionals. Keeping a mental health journal can be a particularly helpful way to boost the effectiveness of our journaling.

We can grow awareness and insight into our coping styles and relational patterns, even if we don’t suffer from a mental health diagnosis through:

  • Journaling with prompts about our emotional well-being, and
  • Using printable journaling worksheets about mindfulness and healthy coping.

Over time, the insight gained through journaling about anxiety, other mental health symptoms, and our general mental health and well-being can develop an understanding that will help contribute to more satisfying relationships and an increased capacity for resilience in difficult circumstances.

The collection of resources below is an assortment of physical resoures, journal templates, and other interactive visual resources.