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Printable PDF Download: Magical Thinking | Art + Worksheet to Reality Test Your Patterns

Printable PDF Download: Magical Thinking | Art + Worksheet to Reality Test Your Patterns

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This resource illustrates the concept of magical thinking.  For many of us, magical thinking is casual – we might be disappointed when our “lucky shirt” isn’t clean for our big interview, but we don’t seriously believe that wearing another shirt will mean we won’t be hired. However, that may not be the case for all of us.

This bundle includes a full color, full-page print of my art on Magical Thinking thought patterns plus a black and white coloring-book-style worksheet designed to help a user recognize, journal, and reality test their own patterns of magical thinking.

Suggested Uses: Mental health professionals may find this tool especially helpful with clients who may need support if they are experience a disturbance in their ability to reality-test.

Learn More: For more information on this topic, read the article: Magical ThinkingThis product is available as a free pdf for Lindsay’s Patreon members.

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