Collection: Teacher Resources for SEL

Welcome to the collection of materials aimed for use by teachers for social emotional learning!

The ability to experience, express, and then to regulate our emotions is the foundation for good mental health and general well-being. When kids and teens have healthy emotional regulation skills, they can spend more time learning, developing in relationships, and thriving in life. Teaching emotional regulation, however, is tricky!

Researchers have shown that good emotional regulation starts with secure attachment to attuned caregivers (this includes parents!). Early experiences of “feeling felt” and being soothed by a kind caregiver build into the brain an ability to bounce back to a listening and learning state after being very upset or very shut down.

Not everyone receives that early attachment experience, but even without these early experiences, emotional regulation can be developed and strengthened through growing awareness of emotions, mindful practice, and engagement in relationship with attuned others. (For kids, the impact of mentors, teachers, and non-parent adults who care all contribute to growing emotional regulation.)

These resources are designed to support this process!