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Counseling Tool: Mindful Grounding Cards | Printed Card Deck of Grounding Activites

Counseling Tool: Mindful Grounding Cards | Printed Card Deck of Grounding Activites

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Get Grounded with Mindfulness: A fun, engaging card game to soothe the mind, calm nerves, and enhance focus. Featuring 36 illustrated ideas, this trauma-sensitive deck is durable, high-quality, and perfect for parents, professionals, and classrooms.

Suggested Uses: Ideal for use by teachers in classrooms as a social-emotional learning tool to help calm down, and equally valuable as a therapy intervention for therapists and counselors. The mindful grounding activities card deck can be used by children and adults to get grounded into their body following being really upset, dissociated, or having big emotions.

Learn More: For more information on this product, including the research behind mindfulness practices, read the article: Mindfunlness Card Deck for Trauma-Sensitive Grounding Activities.

Mindfulness: This simple card game is a fun and engaging way to invite people to refocus their attention on specific body sensations, which can help soothe a dysregulated brain, calm frazzled nerves, and help players be more grounded and ready to learn.

36 Illustrated Ideas: This Mindfulness Grounding Card Deck features 34 inclusively illustrated grounding ideas, 1 instruction card, and 1 card with a blank front (so you can add your own favorite activity to the set!). Cards measure 2.5 in x 3.5 in and come packaged in a reusable storage box.

Trauma-Sensitive: These therapist-designed cards are specifically designed for trauma sensitive. The highly specific mindfulness prompts may be easier for trauma survivors than more general mindfulness activities.

Durable and High-Quality: Each card is printed on playing-card grade cardstock, custom cut with stylish rounded corners, and finished with an ultra-durable finish designed to be handled.

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