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Printable PDF Download: (Double Pack) Family Therapy Resources | Meaning Making Activities for Kids

Printable PDF Download: (Double Pack) Family Therapy Resources | Meaning Making Activities for Kids

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When kids observe things that they don’t understand – experiences that feel chaotic, disorganized, or nonsensical – they naturally begin to weave it into a story, but often the story they tell is that they are too much, a problem cannot be overcome, or that they need to take on an unhealthy role or responsibility to survive.

When parents, educators, or therapists actively work with kids to give them help in organizing what they are experiencing into a narrative, we get to help shape that story: guiding it toward a narrative of safety and protection even in uncertain times.

In this collaborative storytelling, kids get the foundation and the tools to support mental health and resiliency. (And retelling those important stories can be equally helpful!)

Suggested Uses: Mental health professionals may find this tool especially helpful with clients who are caregivers, parents, or someone who cares for children.

Learn More: For more information on this topic, read the article: Kids and COVID-19: Therapeutic Family Activities to Support Resilience. This product is available as a free pdf for Lindsay’s Patreon members.

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