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Counseling Tool: Resonance Deck by Kate Creech | Emotions and Abstract Art

Counseling Tool: Resonance Deck by Kate Creech | Emotions and Abstract Art

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This premium, oversized emotion card deck features high-quality prints on durable playing-card material. With 46 unique abstract art cards, this Tarot-sized deck is a versatile tool for therapists, educators, and anyone seeking meaningful emotional communication.

Learn More: To learn more about the Resonance Deck, including how to use it in your home or practice, read the article: Abstract Emotion Cards by Kate Creech.

High-Quality: Each card is printed on high-quality playing-card material, specially cut with rounded corners, and finished with an ultra-durable high gloss sheen.

Huge Assortment: The oversized emotion card deck is 3.5 x 5.75 inches (Tarot size) and includes 46 cards with unique abstract art, 1 title card, and 1 instruction card with emotion word suggestions.

Evocative: Designed to assist you in connecting with yourself or others, the images take on the meaning you assign them. Utilize prompts such as “Today I feel…” and choose a set of cards to describe that emotion.

Double-Sided Print: The card fronts feature vibrant abstract art in a variety of hues, styles, and interpretations ranging from dark, angular, and chaotic abstract images to bright, joyful, and serene abstract paintings. The backs of the cards all display the same dark galaxy-inspired graphics.

For Therapists, Educators, & Others: These cards can be used as a communication aid, teaching tool, and therapeutic intervention with special education instructors, autism educators, therapists,  counselors, or anybody who struggles to relate meaningfully speaking with emotions. 

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