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Poster: Emotion Behavior Wheel

Poster: Emotion Behavior Wheel

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  • 18 in x 24 in 
  • Printed on high-quality heavyweight coated bond paper with a matte finish.
  • Frame not included. 

About this Artwork: In this emotion wheel, I’ve created a visual representation of how emotions and behaviors are linked. Understanding these connections, and how ourselves and the people we care about each have sightly unique connections, can be a key to growth.

Suggested Uses: This resource is perfect for anyone who is developing an awareness of how behaviors and emotions are connected, including young people developing social-emotional learning and neurodivergent individuals of all ages. 

Learn More: For more information about the Emotion Behavior Wheel, including the research behind it and how to use it, read the article: Emotion Behavior Wheel: Linking Feelings, Behaviors, and Empathy. This illustration is available as a free pdf download for Lindsay’s Patreon members.

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