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Pillowcase: Pizza Feeling Wheel Throw Pillowcase | A Playful Take on Emotions

Pillowcase: Pizza Feeling Wheel Throw Pillowcase | A Playful Take on Emotions

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This Pizza Emotion Wheel is a playful take on a traditional feelings wheel, but this emotion wheel is designed with kids and adolescents in mind.

This 18×18 inch cotton canvas pillow case with a hidden zipper is printed on both sides and is perfect for a home, a kid’s bedroom, a classroom, or a therapy office.

Printed Pizza-Themed Pillow: Snuggle up with our printed pizza-themed pillow, generously sized at 18 inches x 18 inches. Just add your own pillow insert for a soft and huggable decorative addition to your home or office. It features a convenient YKK zipper closure and is proudly manufactured in Canada.

Fun Way to Foster Social-Emotional Learning: Make social-emotional learning fun and engaging. Accurately naming emotions is important for self-care and building relationships, but it can be challenging, especially for kids. Our pizza-themed feeling wheel is a playful resource that helps children make connections in emotional social learning. It lists common emotions and explores how they are associated and sometimes overlap with each other.

100% Cotton Canvas: This vibrant, dye-sublimation printed decorative throw pillow cover is made of 100% cotton. It's soft and cozy, and serves as an educational resource, helping children learn to identify and talk about emotions.

Care Instructions: Taking care of your pillowcase is easy. Simply machine wash it with cold water and dry it flat. Avoid using a dryer and refrain from using bleach.

Home, School, or Office: Whether at home, school, or the office, our pizza-themed feeling wheel throw pillow cover makes a perfect gift for school counselors, behavior aides, therapists, and teachers. It's a cozy and huggable teaching tool suitable for all ages, perfect for counseling offices, therapy couches, calm-down corners in classrooms, or any kid's bedroom.

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