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Pillowcase: Fight, Flight, & Freeze Embodied Wheel | A Therapy Resource

Pillowcase: Fight, Flight, & Freeze Embodied Wheel | A Therapy Resource

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Learning about fight, flight, fawn, and freeze can be helpful, but learning how these responses manifest in our particular bodies is where the magic really starts.

This product is an 18-inch x 18-inch pillowcase with zipper, ready for you to add your own pillow insert. It makes a cozy, huggable teaching tool for all ages that’s just right for counseling offices, therapy couches, calm-down corners in classrooms, or any bedroom.

Like the Emotion Sensation Wheel, the Fight, Flight, & Freeze Embodied Wheel is a tool to prompt conversations and build awareness by showing how each of these responses *tends* to show up through physical sensations. It’s not prescriptive- it’s a conversation starter. It’s meant to teach, to stir, and to prompt conversations that build awareness, connection, and embodied experience through somatic awareness. 

Printed Pillowcase: Get comfy with our large-sized printed pillowcase, measuring 18 inches x 18 inches. Simply insert your own pillow for a soft and huggable decorative touch to your home or office. It features a YKK zipper closure and is proudly manufactured in Canada.

Suggested Uses: Mental health professionals may find this tool especially helpful with clients as a tool specifically for helping them recognize when they are moving out of their window of tolerance (where we can listen, learn, and respond thoughtfully) and into a reaction state.

Learn More: For more information on this topic, read the article: Fight, Flight, & Freeze Embodied Wheel - A Resource for Growing Window of Tolerance. 

100% Cotton Canvas: This vibrant, dye-sublimation printed decorative throw pillow cover is made of 100% cotton. Soft and cozy, this pillowcase is a ready resource for anyone to learn about and discuss emotions.

Care Instructions: Taking care of your pillowcase is a breeze. Simply machine wash with cold water and dry flat. Avoid using a dryer and do not bleach.

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