Mental Health Zine: Now What | A Tiny Guide for Integration

Mental Health Zine: Now What | A Tiny Guide for Integration

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One of the skills I built my artistic practice on is my ability to represent heady, research-backed data in approachable, easy-to-understand visuals. Recently, I brought this skill to an area with a lot of confusion and misinformation: psychedelic-assisted therapies. "Now What" is a 12-page guide to best practices for the days and weeks following a psychedelic experience.

Priced for accessibility, this resource is designed to help both therapeutic participants and recreational users reduce harmful effects and maximize the benefits. Buy a few for your friends, a license to reprint, or a bundle for your next advocacy event or festival.  

Learn More: Read more about the research supporting this resource. 

Printed Zine: This 4.25" x 3.25" zine is printed and assembled in my studio in St Louis, MO. 

Hand Cut and Folded.  My extraordinary package sender hand cuts and folds each zine with care!

Accessibility. To maintain an accessible price point, zines made in my studio are printed in black and white. It you'd prefer the color version, please purchase the download and print version. 

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