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Mental Health Stickers: Remember Your Window of Tolerance

Mental Health Stickers: Remember Your Window of Tolerance

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Our range of emotional regulation refers to how much we can handle emotionally before shutting down or blowing up. (Emotional states called “hypoarousal” and “hyperarousal,” respectively, by brain researchers.) Healthy brains in optimal circumstances have a big arch that helps us stay present to listen, learn, and grow even when difficult stuff is happening. The normal arch of a healthy range of emotional regulation looks a little bit like a rainbow.

It’s wide and high with lots of wiggle room between “ok,” “kind of ok,” and “very not ok.”

Printed on high-quality durable vinyl, this 4x4 die-cut sticker is perfect for your home, office, or classroom.

Learn More: Read more about emotional regulation and the window of tolerance. 

Mental Health Stickers: My series of mental health stickers is designed to help practitioners and mental health enthusiasts share psychological concepts in a fun and engaging way. 

Product Information: This 4x4 die-cut sticker is printed on high-quality weatherproof vinyl. 


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