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Counseling Tool: Genogram Template Tearaway Notepad | An Accessible Approach to Genograms

Counseling Tool: Genogram Template Tearaway Notepad | An Accessible Approach to Genograms

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This Genogram Template Blank Notebook with Tearaway Worksheets contains 40, 11 x 17-inch pre-printed pages that are user-friendly.

Use my template to sidestep the hassle and jump right into creating a genogram. Grids and tiers can even help make your genograms easier to read and interpret.

Learn More: For more information and additional resources, read the article: Genogram Template: A New Option for Making Easier, Organized Genograms. 

Extra Large and User-Friendly: Each notebook contains 40 XXL tearaway worksheets, providing ample space for creating personalized genograms. With an 11 x 17-inch size and a convenient chipboard back, writing on the go is a breeze.

Flexible: This worksheet allows for collaborative creation, accommodating diverse identities by incorporating personally significant symbols. The genograms produced with this notebook are approachable, relatable, and easy to reference.

For Therapists, Counselors, & Health Care: Perfect for teachers conducting family tree activities, as well as social workers, counselors, psychotherapists, doctors, and nurses. Use this genogram pad to track hereditary diseases and addictions through intergenerational transmission.

Approachable & Accessible: Unlike computer-based genogram tools, this notebook allows you to create genograms in real-time, fostering meaningful conversations without relying on screens.

Guides & Grids: The notepad features a light grey grid background and designated lines for each generation of the family tree, ensuring well-organized and easily understandable genograms.

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