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Mental Health Stickers: Emotion Sensation Wheel | 8.5 Inch XL Sticker

Mental Health Stickers: Emotion Sensation Wheel | 8.5 Inch XL Sticker

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This giant 8.5 inch round sticker is made from thick, durable vinyl and is perfect for walls, whiteboards, notebooks, or any spot you'd like an emotion sensation wheel reminder.

This oversized sticker is sized for easy reading of all the details.

Die-Cut Sticker: This 8.5-inch sticker has a unique shape with organic, slightly uneven edges. It's crafted from thick, durable vinyl that can withstand light water, scratches, and sun exposure.

Approachable & Accessible: Designed to be easily readable, this oversized sticker is perfect for walls, whiteboards, notebooks, or any place where you want a reminder of the emotion sensation wheel.

Fosters Emotional Learning: Naming our emotions accurately is crucial for self-care and building relationships, but it can be challenging. The Emotion-Sensation Feeling Wheel is a fun resource that helps establish connections in emotional & social learning.

Suitable for Home or Office: The sticker's size allows you to appreciate all the intricate details. It's a great choice for adorning your laptop, journal, or any personal item where you'd like to add a touch of emotional intelligence.

For Everyone: Whether you're parent, teen, therapist, or educator, we can all benefit from having resources to deepen our understanding of the connection between body sensations and emotions.


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